One of you is going to win a EVGA GeForce GTX 1080!

Grand Prize Drawing:   Watercooled EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 video card

10 Runners-Up:  The Meta t-shirts (high-quality—not cheapo)

2 “Most Improved”:   The Meta hoodies (super-nice quality!)

5 Beta Test rockstars: $20 Blizzard gift cards


Overwatch Season 11 is ending, and we’re here to give you a jumpstart on Season 12—with prizes!


Entering is easy and automatic. Starting 8/24/18, you get:

  1. One (1) entry in the drawing for each session you play in The Meta (1B and above).

  2. One hundred (100) entries for each day you play The Meta.

  3. Two hundred (200) entries for completing OW Comp placements* by seven (7) days after the start of Season 12.


Winners will be named seven days after the official start date of Overwatch Season 12.


But, wait, there’s more!  We will also give super-nice The Meta hoodies to the most improved players:

  1. Most improved Index Score gain in Flick Level 2 of The Meta.

  2. Most improved Index Score gain in Target Tracking Level 2 of The Meta.


Finally, we have some Blizzard gift cards to for players who have been awesome members of our Discord

channel, or who helped improve the software with great bug submissions or suggestions.


Thanks so much to each and everyone of you—you’re amazing!


Now then:  go kill some bots, and come hang out on Discord!


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* Please set your Career Profile to Public, so we can check out how you did!