Senior Software Engineer, Gaming


You are a game development professional, eager to be a key contributor.

We are building an esports skills-training platform, with sophisticated scenarios, simulated AI, weapons, and player experiences, similar to that of AAA titles. We also integrate telemetry, analysis, and make game-play adjustments based on training science—both dynamically and across multiple training sessions.

We are using Unreal Engine 4 as a base. The ideal candidate has great C++ skills in a game development environment, is familiar with Unreal development, and has good Blueprint skills. Don’t count yourself out if you lack Unreal experience, but are otherwise truly a game dev pro.

You’ll need to be able to problem-solve on many levels. You should have strong linear algebra skills and be adept at concurrent programming.

You’ll be an important part of a team of serial entrepreneurs and game-industry veterans, as we build the future of esports training.


  • Own the success of The Meta’s next-generation esports trainers

  • Work with Product to build and maintain the best platform possible

  • Work closely with Design from specification through production

  • Coordinate with artists to help define and streamline the art pipeline

  • Work visibly, collaboratively, and always with the company’s best interests in mind

  • Foster an open, communicative, and intellectually honest culture


  • 4+ years professional development experience in the games industry

  • Fluency in C++

  • Fantastic debugging skills

  • Strong understanding of data structures, algorithms, complexity, and system design

  • Strong game math fundamentals (vectors, matrices, physics, projections, camera space, tangent space, object space)

  • Deep skills in concurrent programming (particularly multithreading on multi-cores, including performance impacts due to bus contention)

  • Good understanding of Design Patterns, OOP, and DOD (with practical application insights)

  • Good working knowledge of source control, including best practices (branching/streams)

  • A practice of code instrumentation, tools, and development KPIs

  • You know how to fit into the basic Agile Scrum practice

  • Bachelors in CS, or equivalent experience

Bonus Qualifications

  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4

  • Enough Python/Go skills to pitch in on some server side work, if necessary

  • Basic relational database skills (SQL, Postgres or AWS RDS)

  • Experience with Git and JIRA

  • Experience with build systems, continuous integration and deployment

  • Familiarity with Agile methodologies and nomenclature

  • A background working with asset management systems, asset bundles, and in particular downloadable content (DLC)

  • WebAssembly, asm.js (Emscripten)

  • You like video games

Company Profile

We are a well-funded team of die-hard gamers and improvement junkies, building an esports training platform for hundreds of millions of competitive gamers.

The esports market is exploding, and multiplayer games are amazing, but most gamers are frustrated by their inability to climb the ranks. We put players on the path to mastery and stay with them as they develop into monster competitors.

Our company culture is 100% player-focused, and we value creativity and intellectual honesty above all.

Join us as we revolutionize esports!

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