Senior Data Engineer


You are a Senior Data Engineer with good programming and strong analytical skills. You’ll perform traditional and predictive analysis in support of Product and Marketing, but you’ll also develop models, discoveries, and insights that further the science of competitive esports training. You’ll play an invaluable role in the evolution of “The Meta Method”!

To be considered for this position, please provide examples demonstrating where your backend, mining, and analytical skills have driven positive revenue results, or you have created simulations that have uncovered hidden significance for a business.

You’ll be an important part of a team of serial entrepreneurs and game-industry veterans, as we build the future of esports training.


  • Help The Meta become the leader in esports training

  • Translate business questions into insights and actionable plans for the science of esports training, as well as product engagement and consumer understanding

  • Provide recommendations, converting data into great customer solutions

  • Manage The Meta ’s Cloud solution (only required during initial stages, when scale is small)

  • Work with Marketing to model and gauge the success of Ad campaigns, promotions, A/B testing

  • Work very closely with Production in an environment moving toward DevSecOps

  • Automate data analysis processes, whenever possible

  • Write reports and construct dashboards

  • Work visibly, collaboratively, and always with the company’s best interests in mind

  • Foster an open, communicative, and intellectually honest culture

  • Find creative solutions that balance development speed with features, flexibility, and robustness


  • Fantastic problem solving skills

  • 3+ years as a Data Engineer

  • Fairly good skills with either AWS or GCP

  • Good skills in numerical modeling, linear algebra, data mining, and predictive analytics

  • Real experience applying analytics to business problems

  • Thorough knowledge of A/B methodologies

  • Skilled in Hadoop, or similar

  • Good Python (w/ Panda) Skills (or Go)

  • Highly experienced with relational databases (SQL, Postgres, AWS RDS)

  • Good understanding of data structures, algorithms, complexity, and system design

  • Bachelors in Math, CS, or equivalent experience

Bonus Qualifications

  • Experience with BigQuery, Cassandra, MongoDB, or similar

  • Have been a Data Engineer on large scale RT Platform, or GaaS

  • Skills with Docker or Kubernetes

  • Spark or Kafka experience

  • Server programming

  • Familiarity with Agile methodologies and nomenclature

  • Confluence/JIRA Administration

  • You like video games

Company Profile

We are a well-funded team of die-hard gamers and improvement junkies, building an esports training platform for hundreds of millions of competitive gamers.

The esports market is exploding, and multiplayer games are amazing, but most gamers are frustrated by their inability to climb the ranks. We put players on the path to mastery and stay with them as they develop into monster competitors.

Our company culture is 100% player-focused, and we value creativity and intellectual honesty above all.

Join us as we revolutionize esports!

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